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Tobor, an Embedded Wi-Fi robot but it is not currently online.
When he is up and running he is easily reachable and fully controllable at
For now you can watch his omnidirectional robot video
And here is some old video of his early development

This was the original Tobor sketch

Robot specifications and supply links:


1.         RabbitCore RCM3200 core module systems

2.         RabbitCore RCM3200 prototyping board

3.         Linear Technology 12-bit 46.5kHz A/D converter(LTC1294)

4.         DWL-810 wireless bridge adapter



5.         Devantech SRF04 Ultrasonic Range Finder

6.         Sharp GP2D12 Distance Measuring Sensor

7.         Sharp GP2D120 Distance Measuring Sensor(Short Range)

The other kind of Hardware:

8.         GWS S03TXF 2BB High-torque Ball-Bearing servo motors

9.         4cm omni-directional wheel with polyurethane rollers from North American Roller Products


The RCM3200 provodes the following features:


           10/100Base-T Ethernet


           Rabbit 3000 microprocessor at up to 44.2 MHz


           3.3 V operation (all pins are 5V tolerant and can run open-drain)


           Up to 512K Flash


           Up to 512K SRAM (program), 256K SRAM (data)


           52 digital I/O


           6 serial ports (IrDA, SDLC/HDLC, Async, SPI)


           4 PWM’s, 2 Input Capture Channels(selectable pins), 2 Quadrature Decoders